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Enhancing the Service Quality Body of Knowledge: Call for Volunteers

The ASQ Service Quality Division seeks 10 to 12 volunteers for a project to enhance the current version of the Service Quality Body of Knowledge (SQBOK). See more information from the division.

November Is World Quality Month ' Ideas For Celebrations

Join the Global Quality Community in celebrating the 6th annual World Quality Month in November.' World Quality Month provides a platform for acknowledging the efforts and accomplishments of quality and all who work to make it happen. By this time,...

How Does Knowledge Management Complement Quality?

Arun Hariharan is a quality, knowledge management, and performance management practitioner. He has worked with several large companies and is the founder and CEO of The CPi Coach ( His latest book, The Strategic Knowledge...

August Roundup: Creating a Performance Culture: What Not To Do

Performance culture continues to be a popular topic.' Last month, ASQ Influential Voices blogger James Lawther asked the question, does culture drive behavior and performance?' He concluded it does, yet it doesn't create a culture of high...

Like Father, Like Son

Ichiro Ishikawa and Kaoru Ishikawa made lasting contributions that changed the global quality movement. As Japan celebrates the centennial of Kaoru Ishikawa's birthday, we can look back at the legacy of this father-son duo and how their actions...

ASQ recognizes companies worldwide for deploying successful quality processes that enhance bottom line

Milwaukee, Wis., May 21, 2015 -Argentina's Movistar-Telefónica de Argentina "Weaving a Quality Network" team was awarded gold-level

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