Certified Supplier Quality Professional - CSQP

Fee: $498*
ASQ Members: $348* (Save $150--Join Now!
Retakes: $294* (no discounts)

The Certified Supplier Quality Professional works with an organization's supply chain and suppliers to continuously improve performance of key system components (increase lifecycle, reduce scrap, improve repair processes) by implementing process controls and developing quality assurance plans. The Certified Supplier Quality Professional tracks data, identifies improvement projects, and manages cross functional implementation to improve performance of key components and suppliers.

1. Is this the right certification for you?

Understand the minimum expectations, requirements, experience, and the exam specifics for a Supplier Quality Professional .

2. Prepare for the exam.

Review the Body of Knowledge and references. See what training and books ASQ has to offer.

3. Choose an exam window.

Find the best date and location that works for you. (Note the application deadlines for each exam window.)

4. Apply for certification.

ASQ offers several ways to apply. Have your résumé and credit card ready.

ASQ requires that you recertify as a Certified Supplier Quality Professional every three years - either by documenting RU credits or by testing.

*$70 of your fee is an application fee, and is not refundable